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The Sandridge Project, 100% owned by Golden Share, is located approximately 150 kilometres east of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  

Sandridge is hosted in the Winston Lake Greenstone Belt (“WLGB”) within the northern part of the Wawa terrane of the Archean-age Superior province. The WLGB hosts three past-producing mines: Zenith, Winston Lake and Pick Lake. Approximately 180,000 tons at 16.6% zinc was mined at the Zenith mine between 1966 and 1970. Past production at the Winston Lake mine was approximately three million tons at 14.1% zinc and 1.0% copper. Past production at the Pick Lake mine was 172,956 tons at 9.9% zinc and 0.7% copper. Mining operations at Winston Lake and Pick Lake ceased in 1998 due to poor metal prices. All three deposits are classified as bimodal-mafic volcanic-hosted massive sulphide-type. Historical geophysical and geochemical data suggest that the favourable WLGB stratigraphy hosting the Winston Lake and Pick Lake extends approximately 8 km northwest into the Sandridge project area. 

Golden Share received the Exploration Permit to drill at Sandridge.  

Sandridge 2019.jpg
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