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The Ogoki Diamond Project, 100% owned by Golden Share, is located the James Bay Lowlands of Ontario, approximately 200km southwest of the De Beers’ Victor diamond mine.

Ten of Ogoki magnetic targets form a distinct cluster or field along a 20 km long northwest trending axis, underlain by Paleozoic sedimentary rocks and similar in size and orientation to the Attawapiskat kimberlite field hosting the Victor diamond mine 200km to the northeast.  

In 2019, Golden Share signed the Exploration Agreement with Marten Falls First Nation and received the Exploration Permits for drilling at Ogoki. To drill for testing the best primary targets of Ogoki together with Kagiami is a priority task for Golden Share.

Ogoki cluster_Final_2019-07-10.jpg

Note:  The reader is cautioned that the information with respect to the Attawapiskat kimberlite field has not been verified and that this information is not necessarily indicative of potential mineralization that may be discovered at the Ogoki Project.

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